One of AJ Cultured’s Client Specialists

“The mere effort of attempting is what drives you towards success.”

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Meet Auntie Tine

On September 2, 2021, Tine joined the family as one of AJ Cultured’s credit repair associates and The Consultant’s competent and committed score restoration assistant. Tine worked as an E-commerce virtual assistant for over three years and as a mortgage processor in a loan environment before joining AJ Cultured. She even considered starting her own business, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, she found it difficult given the additional investments required without the certainty that the enterprise would become profitable. Due to financial constraints, Tine formerly desired to study medicine and acquire a BS Biology degree but could not do so. Fortunately, she learned that her forte is in the financial realm and has been deeply invested in the industry. Unlike anyone else, she is devoted to assisting others in budgeting and managing their finances. Despite the diverse experiences and skillsets she has gathered over her professional career, she remains humble and grounded in the reality that she still has a lot of room for growth.

Currently, she is pursuing her goal of being the best in the financial world by delivering stability, financial growth, and unparalleled support to credit repair clients. Tine assists and onboard clients for credit repair, collaborates in the dispute process, and communicates and gives essential information to coachees and clients as The Consultant’s score restoration assistant. Tine refers to herself as a frontliner in credit restoration because she is the driving force behind clients’ efforts to improve their credit scores to apply for and be approved for various loans. Tine’s favorite component of her profession is the disputing process since it offers clients the transparency, reliability, and honesty necessary to enhance their credit ratings. Transparency, she believes, is a critical component of credit repair, as clients must be told of their outcomes honestly.

Tine is granted greater responsibilities and platforms as she flourishes with AJ Cultured, including mentoring other score restoration assistants and credit repair colleagues. As a result, she views her work at AJ Cultured as a long-term growth opportunity in which she can apply her exceptional organizational skills and ensure that clients do not suffer backlogs. Even though Tine’s collaboration with the rest of the AJC family is uncommon, she ensures that AJC will grow in reputation as a sales consulting company with the services she provides. In this way, the organization is propelled towards a more prominent platform with enhanced services to serve a more extensive client base. Ultimately, she aspires to be a supervisor of credit repair or a manager of her own team. Who knows? Perhaps she could eventually become the CEO of her own credit repair company.