de Asis

Financial Accounting and Marketing Analyst of AJ Cultured

“All things come together for the good.”

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Meet the Analyst

Shobe, the AJ Cultured family’s biggest dog lover with nine dogs at home, was hired as the company’s Financial Accounting and Marketing Analyst on November 8, 2021. Her job as a FAMA in AJ Cultured is her first full-time job in the online setting as she would usually choose freelancing jobs. She earned a degree in BS Accountancy and has had experience in becoming a general accounting analyst, consultant, and credit risk analyst. Even with these exceptional experiences under her belt, she would still like to maximize her potential by learning Information Technology in the future. What Shobe loves most about her industry is her ability to showcase her talents in analyzing numbers with a deep desire to help them attain their short and long-term goals by providing quality service at an affordable but profitable price. She is especially capable of doing so by maintaining her integrity and applying her accounting and analytical skills in every opportunity she sees fit.

Shobe feels that being the pioneer accountant is a massive responsibility but is ardent to take this challenge head-on. So far, being in a new environment has brought about a whole rollercoaster of emotions for Shobe, such as having to work directly with The Consultant. However, she says, each encounter with The Consultant brings her excitement as she could always feel AJ Cultured’s future right at her fingertips. To her, nothing else has made her feel as though the future is attainable, like working for AJ Cultured. Currently, Shobe is in the works of setting up her accounting department as the company is steadily growing. She believes that AJ Cultured would have become an established consulting company that offers a variety of services that can help hundreds of small businesses grow and achieve their growth and development objectives five years from now. She would still like to be part of the company when that happens. Likewise, Shobe wants to be there to support The Consultant as she achieves and supersedes AJ Cultured’s vision and mission.