Prim Pagunuran

Web Designer of AJ Cultured and Culturnique’s DevCultured

Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

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Meet Prim

Francis Prim, or “Optimus Prim” as our family calls him, is one of the AJ Cultured family’s youngest members. Since October 5, 2021, Prim has been AJ Cultured’s outstanding web designer under Culturnique’s DevCultured. He is an Information Technology student, a graphic designer, an apprentice, a gamer, a trader, and a photographer, in addition to being the team’s web designer. In every initiative that the team pursues, he is constantly motivated by their passion. As a result, he can constructively compete with the team to improve his performance and create the best websites with their support. Every project that he’s had so far under AJ Cultured and Culturnique has been a great learning experience in getting to know more about the team and learning how to approach and find solutions to cater to every client’s needs. Working with a growing tech team, understanding procedures, and mastering his technical talents are his achievements thus far. Because of his short temper caused by bugs in his web designs, Prim thinks this makes him a unique member of AJ Cultured. On the other hand, his perseverance allows him to think critically and overcome these frustrations.

Prim has conquered a couple of deadlines since joining the AJC family, and despite the challenges of meeting these deadlines, Prim has triumphed by meditating, deviating, and creating. He also assumed that AJ Cultured and Culturnique were, respectively, a business coaching firm and a design firm. But, to his surprise, he discovered that AJC is much more, and he had no idea such an organization existed in a corporate environment. Despite the short time he’s been with the team, Prim, like his colleagues in AJ Cultured, has already undergone a radical transformation. Prim transformed his self-doubt into newfound confidence in his progress and potentials with the entire team’s support. Growth is the most essential component of a job for Prim. For him, the most valuable asset he can invest in is himself. AJ Cultured allows him to evolve into the kind of person he wants to be in both his professional and personal lives.

Prim describes AJ Cultured as “A healthy and growing company with a strong spirited team that uplifts each other.” As the organization’s web designer, he has experienced what it’s like to be a part of something bigger to apply his tech and web development skills. His impact at AJ Cultured is especially marked in the web development of his clients. He feels that his clients would greatly benefit from working with him by learning innovative solutions to run their businesses and growing their market reach through web development and design. Prim feels he can become a platform for Alleah to share her business and leadership ideas.  Prim envisions for the near future that AJ Cultured and Culturnique could already be extending their services for tech start-ups through investments and incubations, or maybe having already conquered more.