Marie Silorio

Graphic and Web Designer of AJ Cultured, Department Head of Culturnique’s CulturPixel

“If you can do it now, why later?”

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About Marie

Marie, also known as Mar, is AJ Cultured graphic designer who has experience in web designing. She joined the family on November 2, 2021. She is renowned for her ability to communicate effectively, her ability to adapt to the needs of her clients, and her ability to assess those needs accurately. Like her colleagues, Prim and Ja, Marie is still a student. She is working towards a degree in BS Information Systems, which exposes her to business operations, creation, systems, security, negotiating with business owners or clients. Apart from this, Marie already has roughly three years of experience as a web designer and freelancer under her belt. Marie’s passions and expertise lie in graphic design, and the thing that she loves most about her industry is that she’s free to work with her creativity, which is her best asset. Marie wants to leave an impact as someone open to helping other people to the best of her ability. She wants to impact how each client’s brand flourishes and create an exclusive identity. She wants to be a driving force that brings the organization’s projects to life, and seeing AJ Cultured’s clients’ companies grow implies her contribution to its success.

As CulturPixel’s department head, her responsibilities include overseeing her team members, logo creation, element design, wireframe production, and mockup designs for clients. Marie works with Alleah, Ben, and Neth daily to create brand kits, flyers, and logo designs for clients. She also works with other departments to support them design-wise. Being with AJ Cultured has been a great learning experience for Marie to optimize her skills as a graphic designer. It has also been a suitable learning ground for her to meet and form bonds with clients, which she thoroughly enjoys. She draws inspiration from designers who started from the bottom and made a name for themselves. This is because designing, in general, is a demanding profession where potential clients have the authority to criticize her designs. 

As soon as she joined the AJ Cultured family, she had already envisioned herself still growing with the organization in the next five years because of its wholesome and rare environment. Because of AJ Cultured, Marie became more mindful of the impact of her designs and how she communicates with other people. What she particularly enjoys about working for AJC is the opportunity to learn about culture, relationships, and different professions from meeting clients. Likewise, her time management effectiveness and communication skills have improved as more clients come in. Marie hopes to dive into animation and 3D modeling to provide more services and options for big-time clients. Ultimately, she dreams for AJC and Culturnique to cater to fifty different clients each month and provide services to those clients alongside more departments and team members.