Karl Tamayo

Video Editor of AJ Cultured and Culturnique’s HexRocMedia

“Culturnique is a family that paves the way for your brand’s success.”

Meet Karl

Karl, AKA Kaloy, is AJ Cultured’s easy-going and whimsical video editor who joined the AJC family on September 25, 2021. As a video editor, he is responsible for obtaining video clips that he would then piece together befitting the clients’ needs. Like Dennies, Karl is also a music and instrument enthusiast. Ironically, however, despite Karl being a musician, he has stage fright, making him a unique member of the AJC family. Apart from being AJC’s video editor, Karl also has a YouTube channel dedicated to individuals who want to learn random but helpful facts about his local community, culture, and current technologies.

Daily, Karl collaborates with Dennies to meet the needs of their clients. This makes Karl the Yin to Dennies’s Yang—they’re always a package. They exchange constructive criticism to uplift each other and accomplish tasks together. Some of Karl’s milestones include the creation of commercials for Ready Aim Train and MaeVen Solutions, the subtitle integration of every course for Ready Aim Train, and is in the works to achieve so much more with a lot of clients in line. Despite his competence and skill in video editing, Karl remains humble in his craft. He believes that there is still so much to learn with the ever-evolving technologies we have today. He keeps himself up to date with the newest trends regarding video editing and aspires to be, one day, a video editor that stands out from the rest.

Joining the AJ Cultured family has been a phenomenal experience for him. He thoroughly enjoys spending virtual time with the team during family meetings because he could be his most authentic self, a comedian and magician.

 Motivated by Alleah’s drive and spirit, Karl realized the importance of productivity in his industry. Knowing what it’s like to perform in a fast-paced and competitive environment, he is grateful to be backed up by a team that fosters support, motivation, and passion among one another. With the work that he and his team do, Karl believes that in no time, Culturnique will be one of the most renowned digital design firms worldwide. Likewise, he believes that AJ Cultured will become the overall coaching experience for all small business owners in no time. 

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