Chief Floater/Multidesign Specialist of CulturPixel

“Learning something new can be fun, but it still requires effort to create something good.”

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Meet JDanielle

On December 3, 2021, JDanielle joined the AJ Cultured family as a digital artist under Culturnique’s CulturPixel. Her responsibilities include character design for an ongoing book project, logo creation, and website element testing. Like Marie, one of her colleagues and closest friends, JDanielle is also working towards earning her degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. As a third-year undergraduate working for AJ Cultured, she enjoys the ability to pursue what she loves in a professional setting and balance her work hours with her studies.

Her passions lie in the arts and developing creative products that inspire people. She desires for people to remember her works of art and to be able to inspire other artists in their creative journeys. In this way, she is motivated to improve her skill set as an artist and a creative. She draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, particularly artists, and the artist who most inspires her is known as Samdoesart. One of her remarkable insights into art is that becoming an inspirational artist requires patience and passion. She feels that it takes time to acquire new skills and passion for ensuring that one enjoys what one does.

As she grows with the AJ Cultured family, she envisions herself experimenting with various art techniques, trying out new technologies that may be useful to the organization’s endeavors, and significantly improving her skills as an artist. Working with AJ Cultured renewed her passion for art and boosted her confidence in her work. With her experience working at AJ Cultured thus far, she is grateful for being recognized for her artistic potential, which empowers her to pursue her love of drawing and creating art fervently.