Deo de Jesus

One of AJCultured’s Client Specialist, DevCultured’s Quality Assurance Specialist

Carpe Diem

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Meet Uncle Deo

Deo is the AJ Cultured’s very first employee, having joined on August 30, 2021. He was employed as a credit repair associate for the organization. Deo obtained a BSBA degree in Banking and Finance and previously worked as a seasonal banker and analyst for a BPO company. His past work experience sharpened his credit review and marketing abilities, and he continues to demonstrate his exemplary credit repair skills by monitoring, resolving, and restoring credit for AJ Cultured clients. Deo works in close collaboration with The Consultant and his partner in credit repair, Tine. What distinguishes Deo as an AJ Cultured member is his analytical talents, creativity, and eagerness to learn new things. He is an active participant in the company’s weekly fun time at Family Meetings and never fails to astound the team with his knowledge of a variety of interesting facts. After a few months of working with AJ Cultured, he was able to recruit Shobe, one of his closest friends and colleagues. She is currently employed by AJ Cultured as a Financial Accounting and Marketing Analyst.

His ever evolving nature leads him to take calculated chances that he believes will benefit him professionally. Deo is currently working towards becoming a member of Culturnique as a graphic designer and hopes to offer his services to DevCultured as a web designer. By liberating himself from the box that confines him and exposing himself to a new environment, he is able to maximize his potential and uncover further facets of his talents. This is why his favorite feature of his industry is the ability to show the versatility of his skill sets and services. He enjoys working with AJ Cultured because of the flexi-hours granted to all employees, his work-life balance, and a highly familial work environment. He is positive that he will be a part of AJ Cultured five years from now and aspires to be either a credit repair manager or a remarkable web designer.