Carlos Babaran

The Consultant’s Executive Assistant, Department Head of Culturnique’s DevCultured

“A website could be one of the driving forces that small business owners could use as a stepping stone to be recognized by their target market.”

Meet the EA

Carlos was hired as Alleah’s Executive Assistant on September 1, 2021. Carlos majored in Information Technology and has had experience being a web development and programming teacher. Carlos proves to be an invaluable member of AJ Cultured because of his efficiency in his work process and enthusiasm for investing in the bonds he has with his team members. He is expressive about his fondness for the team that Alleah, The Consultant, has built in just three months. Carlos’s growth in AJ Cultured can easily be attributed to Alleah. Carlos affirms that when you believe in her, all will be well, and having her on your side is a surefire way to succeed. Ever since joining the AJ Cultured family, he was also able to establish his Culturnique department focused on website and application development, DevCultured. One of his many responsibilities as DevCultured’s department head includes suggesting technologies that clients may adapt to expand their business, apart from the actual web and app development process. 

Like most AJ Cultured staff, one of Carlos’s first clients has offered his services is MaeVen Solutions. This project enabled him to gauge his abilities and the team’s collective efforts. Upon witnessing AJ Cultured’s collaborative environment, Carlos trusted that his team was more than capable of doing their respective tasks. In turn, he was able to focus on his productivity under DevCultured. Carlos thrives in the web development industry because he doesn’t feel pressured despite his many responsibilities. Carlos takes pride in DevCultured because it is a department that provides quality websites for clients for them to have a platform on which they could showcase their brand. He recognizes his skills and potentials and uses that as a driving factor that could satisfy his clients and inspire others. 

One of the biggest dilemmas among small business owners, according to Carlos, is figuring out ways that they could leave a mark in the world. In turn, Carlos decided to dedicate his time and effort towards helping clients establish their digital footprint. The added credibility coming from an established website demonstrates the investments made by small business owners. In this way, each small business owner can market their readily available resources to their target audience. Carlos desires for his department to grow in the following years to share the same passion he has for web development and the knowledge they need to thrive together as a department. But apart from his web and app development skills, Carlos continues to be Alleah’s Ace, someone who makes sure that AJ Cultured’s operations are up and running and each member of the family is thriving in their areas of work. As Alleah’s Executive Assistant, he makes sure that he makes everything happen for the one that makes the magic come alive.

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