Multi-design Specialist of AJ Cultured and Culturnique’s CulturPixel

“I learned not to count my working hours but instead count the accomplishments on behalf of my team.”

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Meet the Chief Floater

Ben joined the AJ Cultured family on November 12, 2021, and has been the team’s remarkable Multidesign Specialist working under the CulturPixel department with Marie, Ceidy, and JDanielle. Before joining the team, he has worked as a writer and ESL teacher for almost three years, driven by his desire to educate the future generation. His experience also includes freelancing in industries that involve graphics and writing, areas of work that he is fiercely passionate about. More to this, he would like to expand his horizons and talents towards animation and web design as he would also like to craft his own website as well. Most astonishingly, apart from being a member of AJ Cultured, Ben is also currently a father, a law student, and a teacher. Considering all these responsibilities, Ben is simply one of the most admirable members of AJ Cultured. Despite being an incredibly multitalented individual with many tricks up his sleeve, he is rooted, gentle, and humble, and his versatility stems from his unparalleled craving to learn new things.

His responsibilities under CulturPixel include graphic designing, but being named “Chief Floater,” he can float between departments such as DevCultured, ElevenImprint, HexRocMedia, and PivoTrends because of his sufficient knowledge in almost everything involving the whole team’s operations. Ever since Ben joined the family, he has been continuously receiving praise from numerous clients because of the caliber of his work. In the same way, his talents and contributions never fail to take the rest of the AJ Cultured family by surprise. To date, he considers that he still hasn’t experienced difficulty ever since he assumed his position in the team because of his opportunity to further his passions and his encouraging team from which he could learn a lot. Ben desires to be a “sponge” to take in Alleah’s many visions and ideas and turn her dreams into reality. Ultimately, he enthusiastically looks forward to manifesting his heart and soul into all of his creations to meet his clients’ needs.