Arlee De Los Martinez

Client Support Associate of AJ Cultured

“Magis. I excel at all I do.”

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Meet the Wonder Woman

Arlee, AJ Cultured’s Wonder Woman, was employed on November 29, 2021, as a client support associate and human resources administrator. She led her cheerleading team while pursuing her BS in Psychology degree in college. What drew her to study psychology as an undergraduate major was her curiosity about human behaviors and mental processes. Her professional expertise includes serving as an assistant for sports development and resource generation for her alma mater’s College Athletics Office and developing fundraising campaigns for the Alumni Relations Office. Additionally, she has worked as an HR Assistant in a retail company, her first job after graduating from college. Apart from being a significant asset to the team at AJ Cultured, Arlee is now pursuing a Master’s degree in business administration. Arlee enjoys camping and outdoor getaways and sports such as boxing and mixed martial arts. She coaches cheerleading teams from her alma mater and volunteers in community outreach initiatives in her leisure time.

Hers is a multifaceted role. She works closely with The Consultant and all of the company’s coachees as the company’s CSA. Arlee attends all of The Consultant’s coaching sessions and other important meetings to ensure that both The Consultant and her coachees have the resources necessary to sustain a dynamic professional relationship. Arlee’s responsibility as a human resources administrator is working closely with Shobe, AJC’s FAMA, to ensure that the AJC family thrives in their respective roles and has access to the resources necessary to continue sustainability. Since joining the company, she has consistently astounded her colleagues with her unwavering willingness and unparalleled dedication to her responsibilities. What sets Arlee apart from the rest of her colleagues is her commitment to her growth. She spends her time mastering each task assigned to her to ensure her competence and efficiency in offering her services to The Consultant, her clients and coachees, and the rest of the AJC family. Even in the brief time Arlee has been with the organization, she believes that AJ Cultured has impacted her by assisting her in realizing her worth and ability to do more than she presently does. Arlee believes that through her initiatives and role as a support system for AJ Cultured, the entire company will expand exponentially and establish itself as a global competitor.