About Us

About Us

The Best Business Strategist for Small Businesses

All of our training is specific to your business model, and our strategists are well versed and flexible in their methods. We craft your business strategy uniquely, and you will be surrounded by entrepreneurs along the way, keeping your business in safe, experienced, and understanding hands.


To create a corporate and responsible ecosystem that fosters growth, change, and innovation through business, development, digital real estate, and entrepreneurialism.


To enable and empower small business owners with tools to build solid corporate foundations that will propel their organization and fuel sustainability.


All businesses start small and deserve the support to grow big.


We maintain integrity in our relationships with small businesses while providing value through transparency, accountability, and leadership.

"We empower small businesses by providing direct, detailed, and reliable information and resources so they may impact change by delivering their services and products to their communities."

Alleah Erica Clarke
The Consultant

Where Structure Meets Strategy.

Established Since


Who We are and Our History

  • The inception of AJ Cultured is inspired by AJ Clarke, the daughter of The Consultant. AJ Cultured came about to provide unique, refined, cultivated, and comprehensive experiences for professionals and clients with a deep desire to help individuals on their respective journeys. The Consultant founded AJ Cultured on the 27th of July in 2017 to provide a wide range of services for small business owners or “solopreneurs,” while simultaneously building an ecosystem that strives for collaborative, communicative, supportive, and organic growth. It is a one-of-a-kind organization that can integrate information, resources, people, businesses, and networks. AJ Cultured allows The Consultant to guide her clients to where they want to be, help propel their organizations to higher heights and newer sites, hold businesses accountable to their growth, and ultimately influence change. 

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