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Make your business goals a reality.

If you are a small business, or looking to start one, we have all the tools you need to bring your idea to life. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your business thrives.


What We Do...

Identify your goals and ambitions.

Whether you have a business operating already, or you have a rough idea of a business that you would like to start from scratch but don’t know how to actually get started, we will work with you. First we will articulate goals, dreams, and plans so that we set the foundation for a project that will deliver not only your goals, but a successful and profitable business.

Create a feasible plan.

We work with you to establish a solid ground and clear plan to follow in your business development. With experience working with clients across many fields, and developing successful businesses for all of them, you will be the recipient of all of our combined knowledge and expertise. Having a plan will allow you to consistently lean on a solid foundation for your business from the early stages through to its success.

Develop all aspects of business model.

Through training and coaching, we will create a specific model and development guide to fit the needs of you and your business. Our partners and team of entrepreneurs will develop your ideas into something that is profitable and functional.

Create strategies.

All of our trainings are specific to your business model, and our strategists are well versed and flexible in their methods. Your strategy is crafted uniquely, and you will be surrounded by entrepreneurs along the way, keeping your business in safe, experienced, and understanding hands.

Help you market your brand.

We work with our partner brands to expand all aspects of your business development needs, from financing, to web design, social media development, and content creation. Working with us, you will have access to a multifaceted body of knowledge that works to deliver you a well-rounded, thorough, and complete functioning business in the end.

Ongoing support.

Once your plan is off the ground, we don’t abandon you there. We are available for ongoing support throughout your business career, and here for you to check in, get updated development strategies, and have access to our knowledge to accommodate your business as it changes or develops in its growth over time.


About Us

Our Perspective

Cultured: Cul·tured /ˈkəlCHərd/ adjective 1. characterized by refined taste and manners and good education.

We pride ourselves in providing ‘cultured’ services and educational tools to set our clients up for success in their ventures. We hold ourselves to the highest standard, with the wellbeing and success of small businesses closest to our hearts. Each of our consultants has experience as an entrepreneur and can offer a diverse, real-world set of knowledge and expertise.  

The Benefits

What’s in it for your business?

Every small business deserves to have a team of professionals to help them thrive in all facets of their entrepreneurial journey.


Through our training and mentorship programs, we provide you with the groundwork to We provide you with the groundwork to be able to implement what you learn with us, on your own. With full support from our consultants, we not only give you advice, but we give you the thinking, methods, and background to be able to lead your business to its goals on your own, after the initial development work is done.

Customized Programing

Unlike information you can find online or in books, we put together a specialized team for every client so that you get the attention and skillset your business requires. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead we embed ourselves with the story and mission of your business and work with you to align those values with your business plans.

A Track Record of Proven Success

There is a lot of information out there for entrepreneurs and business self-starters but knowing what is best for your own personal situation requires more skill. Our consultants are here to use their existing knowledge with past clients, personal experience, and business literacy to filter through all of the resources and present you with the most valuable, relevant strategies and resources out there that have proven to work time and again.

Our experiences

What we’ve done so far

With a qualified team of entrepreneurs working on a diverse set of projects, we have helped numerous small business owners reach success and grow their business into a reliable, organized, and profitable entity.

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Why Choose AJ Cultured?

We pride ourselves in truly supporting the entrepreneur in their entirety. Here are just a few core ways that we support our clients.  

Business Strategizing

Our experienced consultants will work with you to outline where your business falls in the market, the company profile, what your objectives and needs are, the projects and tasks your business will take on, and the potential opportunities or threats that could arise. Using all of that information, and with a well-developed picture of the business landscape, our strategists will help you develop financial, development, marketing, and production plans to make your goals into a sustainably operating business structure.

Small Business Development Coaching

Our coaches help clients align their business and personal goals to make sure that the business has a clear path from where it is now, to your vision. Whether you have a small business up and running already, or are starting from scratch, our coaches can help you to clarify your goals, plans, and to ensure that your business becomes all that you hope it does.

Business Consulting

Working with our consultants, you will get an idea of the most efficient and high-performing ways for you to run your business. Understanding how all elements of the business interact, from finances, to marketing, digital presence, and even human resources, our consultants know how to make the pieces fit together so that your business runs smoothly and is on a path to success in its operations.


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